IF creating a powerful impression of you and your business is important, then LinkedIn is your answer.

IF generating highly targeted leads is important to your operation, then LinkedIn is your answer.

IF building relationships with specific types of business professionals is important to you, then Linkedin is your answer.

IF this seems good, you don’t think you can do it on your own, then Integrated Alliances is your answer.

Today, people want to get to know YOU as much as they want to know about the product or service you provide. LinkedIn helps build that trust and confidence, if you know how.  

Cut through the clutter with our 1-on-1 coaching that delivers STAND OUT strategies for your business using LinkedIn, the hands down #1 business social media platform for executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and revenue producers.

For example…

  • Profile…build trust and confidence and be found
  • Engagement…find and engage your top prospects
  • Company Page…your business puts its best foot forward as well
  • Searching…filter in and filter out the right people for you
  • Messages…invitations, messages, responses, all written in the right way
  • Management and Routine…everything tracked, managed, easy to operate
  • Campaigns…learn a systematic process to campaign to your target audience
  • Tools…utilize time-saving tools to make things easy and manageable

Then, we examine look at the bigger picture and compliments to LinkedIn – CRM, website, Social Media, lead magnets, online scheduling tools, PowerPoint, video, more. You learn how to integrate LinkedIn with these other aspects of your business – all in a cohesive manner that builds your brand.

Relax, you probably don’t not need all of this, but its available. We have 60 days so there’s no rush and no pressure. We can do a little at a time or dive in if you like. You set the pace. We support you as obstacles come up and new opportunities present themselves.

The coaching process is simple and we have a lot of fun together.  We fire up Zoom or Skype so it’s up close and personal, even if we’re separated by thousands of miles. If you have an assistant, they can join us on the calls as well.

You’re in good hands. Integrated Alliances Founder Mike O’Neil has been a LinkedIn expert, coach, advisor, trainer and service provider for 14 years and he’s a 2-time Forbes Top 50 Social Media Award Winner.

This comprehensive coaching program is just $1,000, a tremendous value. Take it even further with “Done For You” LinkedIn Campaigns and we’ll waive half the startup fee.

Got a specific issue you want expert help on? We offer a focused 3-call package for only $500. Learn More.

Set up a call to discuss how expert coaching can help you in your business operations.